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HxGN SDx Release Bulletin

Release Bulletin
2019 (10.0)

HxGN SDx® Operations, a part of HxGN SDx, allows you to capture, organize, and link large volumes of facility information and provide web-based access to everyone who needs it. SDx Operations can be adopted by any facility without introducing new software or investments in IT infrastructure. Key features include:

Change management

  • Templated work processes support engineering changes in plants of any size. For example, you can manage the change to add a small bypass to larger projects.

Impact analysis

  • Identify the impact of a change and potential conflicts across asset information, tags, documents, and assets. (CR-AM-131975)

Conflict Management

  • Manage and track changes to documentation and data. (CR-AM-134951)

  • Run multiple projects and identify potential conflicts between projects. (CR-AM-134951)

Document management

  • Templated work processes to manage document changes.

  • Content Extraction for managed documents. (CR-AM-138839)

Data book management

  • Collection of structured documents that can be organized and sequenced in chapters.

  • Easily accessible from a web browser.

Work package management to support maintenance and inspection planning

  • Workflow management to support planning for maintenance and planning.

  • Review and approve work package content.

  • Add comments to drawings and documents, including work package specific markups and annotations.