SDx 2019 Update 10 New Features - HxGN SDx - Release Bulletin

HxGN SDx Release Bulletin

Release Bulletin
2019 (10.0)
  • You can now identify which markup layers are consolidated by viewing the Is the markup consolidated? property under Markup file details on the markup layer file's Details form. For more information about the property, see ISPFMarkupFile interface. (CR-AM-150675)

  • Stamps and symbols are now delivered with the software. Two new new properties, Brava Stamps URL and Brava Symbols URL, have been added to the Web Client site Settings node. For more information about these properties, see Web Client Site Settings node. For more information about customizing your stamps and symbols experience, see Configure stamps and symbols. (CR-AM-148449)

  • Soon the Web Client will not be compatible with Internet Explorer 11. If you've opened the application in Internet Explorer 11, we are now displaying a bar at the top of your screen to remind of this upcoming change. (CR-AM-154993)

  • A new workflow step has been added to automatically delete the markups related to a work package when the work package is approved, if enabled in the System Options. For more information, see Select to automatically delete markups. (CR-AM-135493, CR-AM-154374)

  • You can now fix any formatting errors in your CSV file and reload it again before running a load job. For more information, see Run a load job. (CR-AM-147158, CR-AM-147159)

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    Data validation checked the syntax and format of the input file when the load job started, which caused issues. A job would start but would immediately fail in the first stage because of an issue with the syntax or formatting. Troubleshooting the issue was a tedious experience. You would have to click over five times to investigate the issue, and you had to create a new load job to process the corrected file.


    Data validation for the input csv file syntax and format occurs when an input file is attached to the load job. This improves your experience with loading data into your system. You will see any issues with your input file right away, rather than after a job starts and fails. If there are any issues, you can easily fix them without having to re-attach any files to the load job.

  • You can now create and manage the distribution lists for routing communications in the Web Client. For more information, see Create distribution lists and Configure display items for related objects in details and update forms. (CR-AM-146092, CR-AM-146134, CR-AM-146136, CR-AM-155663)

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    All organizations can use the distribution list functionality to create their own distribution lists. Sharing of communication items is easier than ever.

    The distribution lists can be used on all communication items like transmittals, actions, technical queries, and more. Additional fields have been added to the forms to support this functionality. Please read the upgrade instructions carefully on how to get the functionality activated on your system.

    What we added and improved:

    • Distribution lists can be created for multiple users within a single organization, and a single organization can create multiple distribution lists.

    • Distribution lists can be copied and used to create a new distribution list by adding and removing users.

    • You can use the distribution list functionality and CC options to make the sender and receiver of the communication aware of the communication, as well as many other internal and external people.

    • The distribution lists support consistent routing of information inside organizations.

    • Users are not omitted on the CC of any communication due to the single-click addition of multiple users from a distribution list. Removing and adding users after applying a distribution list is still possible.

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