SDx 2019 Update 6 New Features - HxGN SDx - Release Bulletin

HxGN SDx Release Bulletin

Release Bulletin
2019 (10.0)
  • You can now use Web Client to launch your installed Intergraph Smart® Review 2020 application to stream and view 3D models managed by SDx. For more information, see View files, drawings, and models. (CR-AM-145711, CR-AM-150393, CR-AM-148409)

  • You can now query for an existing document using the Document Control role, which can create a new revision and attach files to the document on the same form. For more information, see Upload a document. (CR-AM-146196, CR-AM-146197, CR-AM-146199, CR-AM-149381)

  • You can now launch Intergraph Smart® Review 2020 to view and navigate to an item in a 3D model. For more information, see View files, drawings, and models. (CR-AM-147419)

  • A new option, Output Enums By, is now available in the CSV and CSV Repeated reports formats in the Desktop Client. While generating these reports, you can specify the name or UID format of enums or UoM values to be extracted. These values can be used as an input for Data Validator processes. For more information, see Report styles configuration. (CR-AM-144811, CR-AM-146844)

  • The report configuration form in the Desktop Client is now enhanced with a new section, CSV report settings, in which you can specify additional settings like Output Enums by, Encoding format, DateTime format, and so on while generating CSV files for export. For more information, see Create a new report configuration object. (CR-AM-144811, CR-AM-146844)

  • SDx now offers a single document submittal process.

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    • This process is especially helpful for contractors who are submitting documents into SDx on an intermittent basis with a low number of documents per submission.

    • You can now easily upload revised documents.

    • Based on the document number, the next revision and issue date are predicted and can be edited by the person submitting.

    • You can either browse to the files you want to upload or drag the files into the system.

    • Files are uploaded in parallel, which improves performance for all file upload activities.

    • SDx scans for viruses and keeps you posted when the document is uploaded.

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