SDx 2019 Update 11 Fixes - HxGN SDx - Release Bulletin

HxGN SDx Release Bulletin

Release Bulletin
2019 (10.0)
  • TR-AM-145591 No files can be viewed through "View and MarkUp" in DTC of Chinese OS

  • TR-AM-155309 OOTB Client API "LaunchURLFromFeatureSet" does not work with a URL with "?"

  • TR-AM-155624 Metadata generation fails

  • TR-AM-155680 List Edit button in Web Client does not honor selection

  • TR-AM-156002 Hyperlink is incorrectly defined in StartedEmail email definition

  • TR-AM-156006 Reports in Web Client do not allow to call methods on the found objects

  • DM-AM-157066 ShowInboxForObject is not working in WebClient

  • DM-AM-157817 In WebClient, ListEdit for Tags is not working and throws error

  • DM-AM-157115 Failed to Extract multi row title with ‘Output Text on All Rows’ option selected

  • DM-AM-157116 Managed Data Transfer module deletes the previous revision from FDW

  • DM-AM-157117 Extract Content option does not work if no tag pattern defined in TDP module

  • DM-AM-157118 Processing time of drawing files has increased a lot after Update 9

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