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Intergraph Smart 3D Compartmentation

Intergraph Smart 3D
10.1 (2014 R1)

Creates a new hierarchical folder for organizing the load objects that you create in the Compartmentation task. You define a parent and name for the new folder. After the load folder is created, the load folder icon appears on the Analysis tab in the Workspace Explorer.

The Analysis tab of the Workspace Explorer displays all load folders, load combinations, and loads in the workspace in a classification hierarchy reflecting the relationships defined for the load objects. However, an exception is unit loads. A unit load does not appear under a load combination in the Workspace Explorer even if it has been added to that load combination. The unit load appears under its load folder.

When you select a load object in the Workspace Explorer, the software defaults to edit mode and displays a ribbon to modify the selected load object.

  • To view the load folders in the Workspace Explorer, click Tools > Options, and select the Analysis option on the General tab. You also need to make sure the analysis objects are in your workspace definition filter in order to view them in the Workspace Explorer.

  • You can also right-click a folder on the Analysis tab, and then select Create Load Folder.

Create Load Folder Ribbon