Add user-defined attributes to the Smart 3D interfaces - Intergraph Smart 3D - Reference Data

Intergraph Smart 3D Structure Reference Data

Intergraph Smart 3D
Reference Data
  1. Open the StructHandrail.xls workbook. This file is located in [Product Installation Folder]\CatalogData\BulkLoad\DataFiles.

  2. Select the CustomInterfaces sheet.

  3. Select a row after the Start keyword but before the End keyword, and click Insert > Row.

  4. In the InterfaceName column, enter the Group Name that you assigned earlier.

  5. In the AttributeName column, enter a name for the attribute.

  6. In the AttributeUserName column, enter a description of the attribute name.

  7. In the Type column, enter the data type.

  8. In the UnitsType column, enter 0.

  9. In the PrimaryUnits column, enter 0.

  10. In the OnPropertyPage column, enter 1.

  11. In the ReadOnly column, enter 0.

  12. Repeat steps 5 through 11 as many times as necessary to include all attributes.

Below is an example of what the worksheet should look like when finished: