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The Split Root System command splits a root plate system or root profile system into multiple root systems at the location of a plate system or a reference plane. Split Root System also splits a seam into multiple seams at the location of intersecting seams or split knuckles.

You can split a root system in the following ways:

  • Select a plate system and a splitter intersecting the plate system. The plate system is split into separate root plate systems. The children of the plate system (profile systems, seams, and openings) are split into multiple objects.

  • Select a profile system and a splitter intersecting the profile system. The profile system is split into separate root systems, but its parent plate system is not.

  • Select a seam and a splitter that intersects the seam. The seam is split into multiple seams.

  • The software places a logical connection at each split plate, profile, and edge reinforcement as a child of one of the new systems when the Connect check box on the Split Root System ribbon is selected. The Connect check box on the Split Root System ribbon is selected by default.

  • The software does not place a logical connection between split objects at the splitter location when the Connect check box is cleared. Instead, the split objects are bounded to splitters, or bounded to the equivalent geometry of a splitter.

Splitting Root Systems versus Splitting with Seams

You typically use Split Root System to split large systems created during early design so that you can move to zone or block-based structural detail and production design.

You typically use Execute Split during detail design when you are refining the design with varying plate thicknesses and profile sizes, or during production design when you are creating assemblies.

The following example shows the differences between splitting systems at the root level (using Split Root System ) and splitting systems into leaf systems using plate seams, profile seam points, and Execute Split .


Workspace Explorer

Plate and profile systems before splitting.

Split Root System splits the plate and profile systems at the root level.

Plate and profile systems before splitting and with a plate seam (Seam by Intersection ) and a profile seam point (Profile Seam ).

Execute Split splits the plate and profile systems into leaf systems at the seams.

This command does not split:

  • Brackets created with Bracket Plate System .

  • Child plate systems created with Child Plate System .

  • Standard (rolled) and designed (built-up) members created with Place Linear Member .

    You also cannot use this command to split root plate systems in the designed member hierarchy.

  • Tripping stiffeners created with Tripping Stiffener System .

  • Lapped plate parts created with Lapped Plate in the Structural Detailing task.

  • You have the limited ability in your current session to remove a root split and return the systems to their original state by using Edit > Undo. For more information, see Undo in the Common User's Guide.

  • You cannot remove a root split or merge split systems back to their original state outside of the limits of Edit > Undo or at a later date in a different session. Because of this limitation, backing up your model before splitting is recommended.

Split Root System Ribbon