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Intergraph Smart 3D Molded Forms

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Find Options

Clear relationships for Source Filter before Find

Removes any relationships created in the family after clicking Find and correlate objects . This restores highlighting of objects in the graphics view for the Find and correlate objects step. Clear then Find performs the same function as Refresh Family on the Select Copy Family dialog box.

This option removes all Copy By Family relationships in the current family for the objects in the source filter.

To In/Outboard

Changes all port and starboard molded conventions to inboard and outboard before using the Find and correlate objects command.

Manual Mode

Manually find objects that were not found by the software when using the Find and correlate objects command. You can select an object for the Source Group and an object for the Target Group to make them similar or symmetrical.

Create/Modify Options

Molded Forms objects only

Selects molded forms objects.

Select All

Selects all of the objects.

Select Child

Selects the child objects.

Modify Only Options

Geometry Modifications

Finds changes in landing curves.