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11 (2016)

Geometric constructions are geometry, such as points, curves, and surfaces, created directly in the 3D graphic view. The software uses the geometry to create objects in the model, such as plates, seams, knuckles, and physical connections. The geometry is typically used in a progressive manner, such as:

  1. Create points

  2. Create curves using the points

  3. Create a surface using the curves

  4. Create a plate system using the surface

The Geometric Construction Palette displays when you click the option on the ribbon of a supported command. Each tab of the dialog box graphically displays macros in the catalog database.

Geometric Construction Palette

Each command using the option displays the palette with dialog box tabs and geometric construction icons appropriate to the command.


Limits the available macros on a tab to the selected type.

Clear Recent

Removes recently selected macros from the Recent tab.


Displays help for the selected macro in a preview window. If no help is available, a preview of the selected macro displays.

The Geometric Construction Palette typically contains the following tabs:

  • Points - Displays interfaces for creating points.

  • Curves - Displays interfaces for creating lines and curves. Some related point interfaces also appear.

  • Surfaces - Displays interfaces for creating planes and surfaces. Some related curve and point interfaces also appear.

  • Coordinate Systems - Displays interfaces for creating coordinate systems.

  • Recent - Displays geometric construction interfaces recently selected on the other tabs. Click Clear Recent to remove interfaces from this tab.

The following geometric construction types are available. These interfaces appear in different combinations on the Geometric Construction Palette tabs.

Points (Geometric Construction Palette Dialog Box)

Curves (Geometric Construction Palette Dialog Box)

Surfaces (Geometric Construction Palette Dialog Box)

Coordinate Systems (Geometric Construction Palette Dialog Box)

Solids (Geometric Construction Palette Dialog Box)

After you select an interface, the ribbon for that interface displays.

  • If you stop the command before clicking Finish, the software does not save the geometric constructions to the model. When you restart the command, the following message displays, giving you the option to recover the geometric constructions:

    "The previous execution of the command was not completed. Do you want to recover the 3D construction?"

    The message displays only during creation of an object and is unavailable when editing an object.

  • The geometric constructions are not saved to the model until you click Finish on the main command ribbon to create the model object.

The Geometric Construction Explorer dialog box also displays when is clicked. As geometry is created, a hierarchical list of applicable surfaces, curves, and points display.

Geometric Construction Explorer