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 Split Root System Properties

Opens the Split Root System Properties dialog box, which displays log file options. For more information, see Split Root System Properties Dialog Box.

Select System to Split

Specifies one or more root systems to split. Select a plate system to split the plate and its children. Select a profile system to split only the profile. Select a system (created in the Systems and Specifications task) to split all of the root plate systems within.

Select Splitter

Specifies one or more intersecting plate systems or reference planes which split the systems selected for Select System to Split . If you are splitting a profile, you can also select an intersecting profile system.


Splits the root systems using the defined splitters.


Clears the selections for the current step.


Accepts the selections for the current step.


Creates a logical connection at each split plate, profile, and edge reinforcement as a child of one of the new systems. The software does not place a logical connection between split objects at the splitter location when the Connect check box is cleared. Instead, the split objects are bounded to splitters, or bounded to the equivalent geometry of a splitter.

The Connect check box is available only when you split root plates or profiles.

Plate Split Delay

Delays the split plate update. Although the new position and boundaries of the design seam display in the graphic view, the software creates an Out of Date To Do List message, "Plate System split was stopped due to delay split." Clear the Plate Split Delay check box to update the plate when you move the design seam.

  • The Plate Split Delay check box is available only when you modify a design seam or have previously split the parent plate.

  • For information about updating out-of-date objects in the To Do List, see Update out-of-date objects in the Smart 3D Molded Forms Help.

  • Clearing the Plate Split Delay check box updates the plate when you move the design seam. This method might take a long time to process on a complex plate system. However, the software does not create a To Do List message.