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11 (2016)

The Planar Plate System command creates planar plate systems. These plate systems are generally used to represent decks, sides of the deck house, transverse bulkheads, and longitudinal bulkheads, but are not limited to just those uses.


To create a plate system:

  • Define the plane of the plate system.

  • Define the boundaries of the plate system

  • Set the properties to define attributes and defaults for the plate system.

You can define the boundaries by selecting objects in a view, selecting objects from the Workspace Explorer, or selecting objects from a list of potential bounding objects.

Using Planar Plate Systems with Members

If a planar plate system is inserted along the length of a standard or built-up member, such as on the flange, the needed penetration logical connections, splits, and slot on the flange are not created automatically. You must then use Manual Split to create connections and splits and Execute Detailing to detail the plate and create the flange slot. The preferred method is to use Advanced Plate System , which automatically creates all needed connections, splits, and the flange slot. For more information, see Advanced Plate System.

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