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11 (2016)

Specifies the properties for the manual profile knuckle that you are placing or editing.


Specifies the name of the knuckle. Names generated by a rule include a Global Workshare name rule ID if the name rule ID was defined when the model database was created. For more information, see "Using Global Workshare" in the Global Workshare Guide.


Specifies the naming rule to name the knuckle.

Knuckle Properties

Override Rule

Allows you to manually specify the manufacturing method. If this option is cleared, the rules determine the method.

Manufacturing Method

Specifies the method for creating the manual profile knuckle. This option is only available if Override Rule is selected. Select one of the following options:

  • Split - The knuckle point behaves as a design seam. You must run Execute Split to split the profile system. During detailing, the end cut rules determines the part geometry. The plane bisecting the knuckle angle is passed to the end cut rules. For more information, see Execute Split.

  • Ignore - The profile part is not affected. The knuckle point is ignored and no knuckle is created.

  • Extend - Allows the tangential extension of the profile beyond the profile seam. The Structural Detailing task determines part geometry and applicable end cuts.

  • Split and Extend - Allows the profile system to split at the knuckle, and also at the tangential extension of the part beyond the knuckle.

You cannot modify the properties for Manufacturing Method when creating a new profile knuckle.

Inner Radius

Specify the inner radius dimension of the knuckle. This box is read-only if Override Rule is cleared.

Outer Radius

Specify the outer radius dimension of the knuckle. This box is read-only if Override Rule is cleared.

Knuckle Angle

Displays the angle of the knuckle bend.

Related Plate Knuckle

Displays the name of the associated plate knuckle. A plate knuckle is associated with a profile knuckle if you select it as a reference object.