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Specifies the main properties for the logical connection.


Specifies the name of the selected object. If the name is too long to entirely display in the box, hover the cursor over the box to display the complete name as a tool tip. If the name is not defined by a rule, User Defined displays. If this name is generated by a naming rule, Naming Rule displays. If you type a name in this box, Smart 3D automatically changes the naming rule to User Defined.


Specifies the naming rule to use to name the logical connection.

  • Select StdHierarchyChildNamingRule to use the following syntax: <Parent Name>-LC<Index Number>. For example, D0-1DCK-1-LC101, where D0 is the reference plane, 1DCK is an index number appended by the plate type (Deck in this example), 1 is the Workshare Location ID, and LC101 is "Logical Connection" appended by an index number.

  • Select User Defined to name the logical connection yourself by using the appropriate box.

Parent System

Displays the name of the parent system of the logical connection.


Displays the object type, which in this case is Logical Connection.