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12.1 (2019)

Displays the modules for the selected template and allows you to edit the properties that each module uses.

Modules and properties are grouped under the following headings:

  • Content (displays the content modules)

  • General (displays the annotation control generator modules)

  • Leader (displays the leader modules)

  • Point Generation (displays the point generator modules)

  • Geometric Analysis (displays the geometric analyzer modules)

  • Positioning 1,2, and so forth (display the positioning modules)

The modules that display vary based on the template that you have selected for editing.

Under each heading, the module name displays first in the list of properties that each module uses. Click the module name to display the associated Help for that module.

To expand or collapse the list of properties that each module uses, click the arrow on the far right of each module name. The properties that each module uses display beneath the module names. Click each property to display the associated Help for that property.

To edit the property values, type the value into the text box next to the property. For some properties, you can select or clear a check box next to the property. For other properties, you click an arrow next to the property, and then select a value from the list that displays.

To search for a property to edit, type the name of the property that you want to edit in the Search box, and then press ENTER.

In the following image, the Civil Plan_Equipment_Name template is selected for editing in the Label Rule Manager. The modules display on the Properties tab. Underneath the Leader heading, the Display Breakline property is selected. On the right, Help automatically displays information about the selected property.

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