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12.1 (2019)

Search Folder allows you to search for documents based on common properties such as out-of-date status, approval, or documents that have been published to a certain contract in integrated environment. You create a search folder by right-clicking the root model or a folder in the Management Console or the Drawing Console and selecting New > Search Folder.

After running the query defined for a search folder, you can perform such tasks as Update or Publish as if you are working from the actual component for the documents.

The documents found by a search folder query are listed in the Detail View. You are able to interact with the search folder documents just as if you were dealing with the actual components that own the documents. Search folders can also be used for reports.

Search Folder Shortcut Menu

  • After a search folder is placed in the console, it follows the same localized naming convention as a folder, such as "New Search Folder" and "New Search Folder (2)."

  • Unlike a folder , you cannot create child components in a search folder . This includes pasting existing components; however, you can copy the search folder and paste it elsewhere in the hierarchy.

  • Performing Publish, Update and Publish, and Revise on a folder does not include documents under a child search folder. The commands need to be performed separately on the child search folder in order for its documents to be affected.

  • You can run commands from the search folder level to modify all of the documents within the folder, or you can modify the individual documents by selecting them in the Detail View.