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Reference Data

Displays the Internal Dimension, External Dimension, Range Offset, and Trim Witness properties.

1 - Range offset
2 - Equipment within internal range
3 - Columns within external range
4 - External dimensions
5 - Internal dimensions

  • Select Off to suppress other range-related properties. This is the default behavior.

  • The following modules are available only when the Range property is set to On.

    • External Dimension

    • Internal Dimension

    • Range Offset

    • Trim Witness

  • The following annotation control generators use the Range property.

    • Coordinate (DrawingCoordDimGenerator)

    • Default (DrawingDimGenerator)

    • Pipe Segments (DrawingPipeSegmentsCG)

  • The following options allow you to manually edit the .xml file:

    • Type -1 to display other range-related properties.

    • Type 0 to suppress other range-related properties.

  • Enclose either option within the following .xml tags.