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Intergraph Smart 3D
Reference Data
12.1 (2019)

Places points based on coordinate values in the manufacturing data XML created in the Structural Manufacturing task.

Usage in Label Template XML


The parseGraphics property is only used for placing dimensions. See Dimension Rule Manager in the Smart 3D Drawings and Reports Reference Data Guide for more information.


The following properties are used for dimensioning. There are no customizable properties for this module when it is used for placing labels.


Determines the maximum linear paper space distance between consecutive witness lines in a linear distance dimension group.


Controls the length of witness lines so that you can determine how far across the drawing the line is drawn. Points that fall outside the maximum witness length are eliminated from consideration.


Places an additional dimension over each dimension chain cluster identified by the rule.


Specifies whether to determine dimension point locations by examining object graphics or by using the pgTransform XSLT information in the template. Set the value to -1 to process the graphics and forward them to the Penetration Plate (PenPlatePointGenerator) point generator module. Set the value to 0 to process the pgTransform information.

The annotation output is created by a content module, not this module.