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12.1 (2019)

Name (see Name Tab (Edit Ruleset View Style Dialog Box)): Mfg PinJig SideView
File name: Mfg PinJig SideView.xml
Description: View Style for Mfg PinJig side view drawing. Creates side views of the plates supported by the PinJig for a selected block or assembly.

Actions Tab (Edit Ruleset View Style Dialog Box)

Ruleset used: MfgPinJigSideView.Default

PlateEdge Source

Seam Intersection Point Source

Chord Line Source

Query (see Query Tab (Edit Ruleset View Style Dialog Box))

Manufacturing PinJig

Area (for view)

Area Computation - Default (Ruleset)

Area Shape - Rectangular

Boundary Overlap - 0

Frame Shape - Rectangular

Frame Border Style - Not drawn

Frame Behavior - Frame size is fixed

Add-ons used


View Labels (see Labels Tab (Edit Ruleset View Style Dialog Box))

View label rule: Default

Ship direction rule (for arrow): Not Defined

For more information, see View Label Rules in Drawings by Rule.

General Tab (Edit Ruleset View Style Dialog Box)

Preview View Style: Not supported

Added, Modified, Deleted Object Color: Not supported

Intersection Edges: Off

Preserve Z Order: No


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