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Packages contain definition information for one or more components, plus template and style definitions. You can create new packages or modify existing packages. Drawing documents are not saved as part of the package. When you save a package using the Save Package command in the Drawings and Reports task, you specify where it is saved. You can save the package on a single drawing, an entire folder, or even the entire root. You can also create your own tab when you save your packages. The tab displays in the Add Component dialog box of the New command.

Packages are saved in the [Reference Data Folder]\SharedContent\Drawings\Catalog\Packages folder. A sub-folder exists for each type of delivered package. When you use the New command to add a package to the Management Console, each tab of the Add Component dialog box represents a sub-folder showing the available packages for each drawing type. For example, you find electrical packages on the Electrical tab.

For more information on adding drawing components to the Management Console, see the Orthographic Drawings User's Guide.