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12.1 (2019)

The Dimension Rule Manager allows you to modify dimension rules and the properties of dimension templates. When you select a dimension template to modify from the Dimension Rule list on the View Style Properties dialog box, the Dimension Rule Manager opens the template. The template name and the rule description display at the top of the Dimension Rule Manager. The Properties tab contains a search box and a list of modules that the template uses. Each module displays properties you can modify to customize the selected dimension template. The Help topic associated with each property that you select displays in the Information pane on the right-hand side of the Dimension Rule Manager.

Pressing the F1 key in the Rule Manager automatically opens the online Help and displays the Help topic related to the tab in focus.

You can type a property name in the Search box at the top of the Properties tab to quickly navigate to the options for that property.

The modules and properties that display depend on which module you select. For more information, see Properties Tab.

If you type an invalid value into a property's text box, a red border displays around that property to alert you. Hover over the text box to display additional information about the error.

After you have made changes to the rule, click Save.

Click Save and Close to save all changes and exit the Dimension Rule Manager.

To clear all changes that you have made to the template or templates, click Reset to revert to the original values in the template file.

To cancel all changes that you have made, click Cancel. An alert displays. Click Yes to cancel all changes and return to the Select Dimension Rule dialog box. Click No to return to the Dimension Rule Manager.

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