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12.1 (2019)

In marine mode, specifies add-on rule set view styles to include in the current rule set view style.

Add-ons are marine mode rule set view styles that are added to an existing ruleset view style. The main use of an add-on is to enhance a view style by importing actions. A rule set view style can have multiple add-on view styles.

Because an add-on is a rule set, it has access to global model data such as the following:

  • The drawing view

  • The coordinate system

  • The thin volume used by a drawing view

  • The query results, such as the level 0 objects returned by the query

If an add-on needs to retrieve data from specific objects, instead of from the global data shared across rule sets, then the rule set for the primary view style can pass specific objects to the add-on. This is more efficient and provides better performance. You set this option for a Source item as a Graphic Rule in the Actions tab using the AddOns tab in the Graphic Style dialog box. For more information, see AddOns Tab (Graphic Style Dialog Box).


Displays add-ons selected for the view style. Click Browse in a table row to display the Select AddOn dialog box to select from a list of rule set view styles.

All view styles are available, but some are designed to use specifically as add-ons. For more information, see Add-on Ruleset View Styles.

Delete AddOn

Deletes an add-on. Right-click on an add-on in a table row, and select this command to delete the add-on.

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