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12.1 (2019)

Orthographic graphic module: StructOpenToX.dll

Rule set graphic module: Opening To X

Resymbolizes the depressions (non-through openings) in a structure object with an X filler. This module works for all rectangular and most L-shaped depressions.

You can use the delivered Openings filter when creating the Graphic Preparation Rule that uses this module.

When drawings are created, the openings are resymbolized with the X filler.

Example Showing Use of a Subfilter

You can also use the Opening To X to apply a subfilter for an opening/depression symbol. This example creates a plan view drawing that applies a different line style (Red) to the opening/depression symbols. The model shown below is used in the example:

When creating the view style, select only the opening/depression symbols using a subfilter: <Name of Opening filter>::Symbol. Specify a graphic rule that uses a red line style.

You should apply Opening To X to the Openings objects in the model.

When the plan drawing is updated with the view style, the depression symbols are shown in red:


To change the graphic representation of opening contours and depression symbols, you can apply subfilters to the individual parts.


Use this subfilter to apply a graphic rule (line style, color, etc.) to the contour of an opening. Use this syntax: <Filter Name>::Contour.


Use this subfilter to apply a graphic rule (line style, color, etc.) to the depression symbol of an opening. Use this syntax: <Filter Name>::Symbol.

To get a label for opening, you must define the Contour and Symbol subfilters in the view style and apply a label rule in one of the subfilters.