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This workflow demonstrates the ability to create a new label rule that can be used to place a custom label that you have created.

  1. Browse to the [Product Folder]\SharedContent\Catalog\Rules\LabelRules folder, and perform a copy and paste operation on an existing xml file. For example, copy and paste the SectionSize_None_APO_NL.xml file within the same folder.

  2. Rename the copied xml file to the name of the label you created in previous steps.

  3. Open the file using Notepad or a third-party xml document editor.

  4. Change any occurrences of SectionSize_None_APO_NL to your label name. For example, change SectionSize_None_APO_NL to MyNewLabel.

    There should only be one file name to change in this .xml file.

  5. Save the file and exit.

  6. In order to use your new label in a drawing, you need to specify the new rule within a particular view style. For more information, see Orthographic Drawings.

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