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Lists the available graphic rules. You can open this dialog box by clicking More in the Graphic Rule box on the View Style Properties dialog box.

Graphic Rule Type

Specifies a type of graphic rule. The rule types available include the following:

  • Visible/Hidden Lines (VHL) - Creates a wireframe representation of objects, where just the outline of the object is drawn.

  • Replace Objects with Line - Replaces objects, such as pipes, with lines.

  • Replace Objects with Line and Widget - Replaces objects, such as structural members, with a line plus widget combination.

  • Replace Objects with Symbol - Replaces objects with symbols.

If the replacing symbol only contains a text box element, label leaders may become detached from the symbol. To avoid this problem, we recommend adding a point element at the origin of the symbol.


Switches the view from List to Details. When you choose List mode, descriptions of each rule do not display.

Rule Name

Lists the names of the graphic rules applicable within the selected rule type.


Lists the descriptions of the graphic rules.


Creates a new graphic rule of the selected type.


Renames the selected graphic rule.


Deletes the selected graphic rule.


Displays the properties for the selected graphic rule for editing. Each rule type displays a dialog box with specific properties:

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