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12.1 (2019)

The following procedure steps you through creating an orthographic drawing view style with the Tools > Define View Style command.

  1. Select Tools > Define View Style. The Define View Style dialog box displays. For more information, see Define View Style Dialog Box.

  2. In the View Style Type box, select the Orthographic view style type.

  3. Click New Style to create a new orthographic view style. Click Rename to change the name of the new style.

  4. Select the new orthographic view style, and click Properties to open the View Style Properties dialog box. For more information, see View Style Properties Dialog Box.

  5. In the View Style Name box, type the style name.

  6. In the Description box, type an optional description of the style.

  7. You can specify how the style rules are applied with regard to the objects found by the filter by selecting a Filter Behavior.

  8. Under Graphic Preparation Rule, select or define a rule, if necessary. The rule can contain multiple modules (.dll files).

    Create or Edit a Graphic Preparation Rule

  9. Specify the resolution in the Intersection Edges box.

  10. Select the Preserve Z Order option if necessary. This option maintains the three- dimensional order of the resymbolized graphics.

  11. In the Filter Name column, select More to choose an existing filter or to create a new filter.

  12. If necessary, select additional tests in the Primary Orientation, Secondary Orientation, and Clipping columns.

  13. In the Graphic Rule box, select an existing graphic rule or create a new graphic rule by clicking More. Graphic rules control the line style and formatting of the output.

  14. In the Label Rule box, select a labeling rule.

  15. In the Dimension Rule box, select a dimension rule.

  16. Select a matchline label, if applicable.

  17. Select a north arrow label, if applicable.

  • Test your view style by creating drawings. You can edit the view style with the Tools > Define View Style command.

  • The rules and associated files are saved in the SharedContent share in the \Drawings\Catalog folder.

  • You can change the order of the rows on the View Style Properties dialog box by selecting a row and then clicking the up and down arrows at the left side of the dialog box. If an object finds its match in several different filters, the last graphic rule applied (bottommost row) takes precedence.

  • To delete a row in the view style properties table, select the row, and press DELETE on the keyboard.

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