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12.1 (2019)

View Styles produce different results based on the filters and rules that are included. The filters that are used, and the order they are used in, determine the output of the drawing view.

Below is an example of how a drawing view is created from the view style. In this example, the Piping Plan view style illustrates the drawing creation process.

The last row in the view style takes precedence.

The delivered view styles match the logical order found in the Select Filter object hierarchy. From first to last, the view style rows follow the same hierarchy. For example, Piping Parts precedes Pipes in the object filter hierarchy. Therefore, the view style includes the Piping Parts filters before the Pipes filters because of the object hierarchy.

If a child filter is placed above a parent filter, the child filter is overwritten in the drawing. The filters must follow the same logical order as the object filter hierarchy.

The following graphic compares the object hierarchy in the Select Filter dialog box to the Filters in the View Style Properties dialog box.

  • When inserting filters in the view style, be sure they match the order of the objects in the Select Filter dialog box. For example, be sure to place Pipes filters under any existing Piping Parts filters.


The following example is the default Piping Plan view style. The highlighted piping segment has a 2-inch diameter.

The following example is a modified Piping Plan view style. A row has been inserted beneath the original Piping filters to resymbolize all pipes equal to or less than 2 inches as a single line.

The following example shows the order of the Piping filters in the modified view style. The filter that resymbolizes all pipes that are less than or equal to 2 inches is last because it is further down in the hierarchy.

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