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12.1 (2019)

Tests label points for equipment.

Usage in Label Template XML







Controls line placement through the coordinate label points along aligned objects. Use this property to include a single label in the drawing that specifies a common elevation for aligned objects.

In the following image, placeLines has been set to 0, and the software has placed a line connecting the equipment objects and a single label for the common Northing coordinate.

Type -1 to place lines. Type 0 to suppress lines.


Specifies the points to label when more than one point is aligned horizontally or vertically.

Type -1 to place a label on the closest point.

1 – Label
2 – Point closest to the matchline
3 – Equipment object

Type 0 to place a label on both points.

1 – First label
2 – First horizontally aligned point
3 – Equipment object
4 – Second horizontally aligned point
5 – Second label


Allows you to specify the style of the line connecting horizontally or vertically aligned pieces of equipment. Define this property when you have labeled equipment inside a plant with coordinate labels.

In the following graphic, the Line Style has been defined with the Dash Dot Red style.

1 - Dash Dot Red Line Style
2 - North coordinate label


placeLines is -1 and deDuplicateLables is -1:

placeLines is -1 and deDuplicateLables is 0:

Although a content module creates the annotation output, this example shows how this module affects the output.