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Surface-mounted components, such as an ultrasonic flow meter instrument, wrap around a pipeline instead of splitting the pipeline to insert the component. You can only place a surface-mounted component on a straight feature, and that feature must be long enough to allow placement of the component. If it is not, the insertion operation fails.

Because the instrument wraps around the pipeline using banding or bolted clamps, the pipeline is not shortened or distorted in any way, and it is not reflected as an actual piping connection. Instead, the software shows the placement point of these instruments with a label or symbol and its dimensions.

To place a surface-mounted component (an instrument), follow these steps:

  1. Bulk load the Sample Data for Surface Mounted Components.xls spreadsheet to the Catalog. The workbook is available on the customer support web site. For information on bulkloading data to the catalog, see the Reference Data Guide.

  2. In the Piping task of the software, click Insert Component .

  3. Select a piping feature.

    The Piping ribbons displays.

  4. In the Type field, select <Specify Component Tag>.

  5. In the Specify Component Tag dialog box, type a tag name for the component.

  6. Click Finish to place the component.

    The surface-mounted instrument has been attached to the pipe feature.

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