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12.1 (2019)

Draws hull lines at the separation plane between the port and starboard sides of the body plan view.



Custom Tests (see Custom Tests Dialog Box)

Graphic Rules (see Graphic Style Dialog Box)

Label Rules

Dimension Rule

Hull Lines (see Hull Lines Source (HullLinesRuleSets.DefaultRuleset))


Finds the transverse hull line at the separation plane.

Match All:

Transverse Lines

On Reference (separation plane)

From the line found by the custom tests, draws a thick black line on both sides of the view.

Graphic: Thick black lines


Draw Port and Starboard - single curve

Draw Aft and Forward - single curve

Draw Top and Bottom - single curve

Labels the drawn line with the name of the grid plane.

Hull Lines_Name (see Hull Lines and Manufacturing Label Rules)


1 - Forward

2 - Port

3 - Separation plane (along X-axis)

4 - Transverse hull line at the separation plane. Gathered by Custom Tests.

5 - Both sides of transverse hull line are drawn. Set by Graphic Rules.

If an X-axis frame is not coincident with the separation plane, no hull line is drawn.

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