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Some graphic actions used in the marine mode rule set view style accept symbol rules that place symbols included with (embedded with) the object graphics. For example, in Steel Order drawings, the target profiles or beams in a drawing view need to show the end cut symbols at the end of the landing curve graphic. The action for the graphic rule used to draw the profile or beam accepts an end cut symbol rule. For more information, see End Cut Embedded Symbols (Steel Order Rule Set).

To change the selected end cut symbol rules:

  1. In the Define View Style dialog box, select a view style and click Properties .

  2. In the Edit Ruleset View Style dialog box, select the Action tab.

  3. For a value of Profile Part in the Source field of the grid, select Edit Custom... in the Graphic box.

  4. In the Graphic Style dialog box, select the Custom tab.

  5. For the Property specified as EndCut Rule, ProfilePartEndCut is specified as the Value. This is the default set of endcut embedded symbol rules.

  6. Double-click Browse to open the EndCut dialog box and select a different rule.

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