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12.1 (2019)

Identifies the most common label (typical labels) from the drawing view and places it as part of the view label. This is done to prevent the duplication of labels in the drawing view.

Usage in Label Template XML



Ship Structure Plate Thickness Material Grade by COM.rtp

<equivalenceProperty interfaceName="IJDwgViewTypical"

propertyValue="Value2" propertyKey="Key2" />




Specifies the name of the report template that the software uses to determine the most common, typical label. The report template must be located in the same folder as the label template XML.


Specifies the property values for the typical label used by the view label rule. See the example below.

  • interfaceName - Specifies the name of the interface that the software uses to collect label attributes for determining typical labels.

  • propertyValue - A custom property with a value ranging from Value1 to Value20. The specified report template must use this value to define the typical label. See the example below.

  • propertyKey - This property is reserved for future use.


The view below uses the ViewNameDirectionScale view label rule. Without ISGAEliminateMostCommonLabels, the software places all plate labels and the view label as follows.

The view below uses the ViewNameDirectionScale view label rule. Within the rule, ISGAEliminateMostCommonLabels defines the typical label as a property value of Value2. The report that you have specified as the equivalence label also defines the typical label as Value2. The most common label is removed from the view, and a typical label is included with the view label.

For more information, see ViewNameDirectionScale View Label Template.

Although a content module creates the annotation output, this example shows how this module affects the output.