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Use this workflow with the S3DMfgSketch.RuleSet rule set on the Actions tab of the Edit Ruleset View Style dialog box.

To select custom test properties for a source:

  1. On a row with a value selected for Source, click a cell in the Custom column and select More.

    The Custom Test dialog box displays.

  2. Select the needed value for Filter method.

  3. Click a cell in the Condition column.

    The Select Manufacturing Property dialog box displays.

  4. Select a parameter in the top pane.

    Properties for the parameter display in the bottom pane.

  5. Select a property in the bottom pane.

  6. Click OK.

    The Select Manufacturing Property dialog box displays and the property displays in the Condition column.

  7. Select a property value in the Value column.

  8. Repeat as needed to add additional properties.

  9. Click OK to close the Custom Test dialog box.