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Graphic Rule

Braces are represented as a single line with a widget. The widget rule draws a portion of the graphic brace to show the shape, direction, and thickness of the brace in the model. 30 percent of the brace length is drawn, 100 percent of the brace height is drawn, and the graphic representation is placed in the center of the solid line representation. The remaining 70 percent of the brace length is resymbolized as a single line.

The graphic portion of the brace is drawn according to the cardinal point and in relation to the single line representation of the brace. The solid line is always centered, and the graphic portion aligns accordingly.

Hidden lines are drawn with the Dashed line style in order to display the orientation of the brace.

Label Rule

Each brace is labeled with the section size from the corresponding model object.

If a brace has been fireproofed, a fireproofing spec name follows the section size in the label. If more than one fireproofing spec has been placed on the brace, the subsequent fireproofing specs are listed after the first.

Dimension Rule

Braces are dimensioned horizontally and vertically. The dimensions are chained to the surrounding column, grid line, and beam dimensions.