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The software uses multiple .xml files to display the list of properties and modules for each rule manager. When you load a rule in the rule manager, the software first checks the rule and template .xml files. Then, the software uses this information and the information in the group of .xml files, referred to in this document as the UI Schema, to display the information in the rule manager.

The schema organizes module and property information, reserved .xml tags, and compatibilities between modules.

Internal versus Custom Schema

The rule manager is delivered with a default set of internal schema files. The software compiles this internal set of files into the .dll file of the rule manager. You cannot see or edit these internal files.

A set of custom schema files containing the same information is also delivered for dimensions and for labels. The Custom_ prefix indicates that the file contains information that you can modify.

  • The custom schema files delivered in the [SharedContent]\Data\Drawings\LabelUISchemaData folder are used for regular labels, matchline labels, and north arrow labels.

  • The custom schema files delivered in the [SharedContent]\Data\Drawings\DimensionUISchemaData folder are used for dimensions.

As the rule manager loads a rule, the software first checks to see whether any custom schema files for the selected modules and properties exist. The software also compares the SCHEMA_VERSION attribute in each custom schema file root node to the SCHEMA_VERSION attribute in the corresponding internal schema file. If the custom schema file is outdated, the rule manager loads the internal schema file with the default delivered settings instead of the custom schema file.

The rule manager displays a message and records a problem in the Smart3D error log in the following cases:

  • The software cannot find a custom schema file

  • A custom schema file is outdated

  • The software cannot load the internal schema file

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