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12.1 (2019)

Graphic preparation rules determine the display of objects passing the view style tests. You can use the Select Graphic Preparation Rule dialog box to include graphic preparation rules in the view style definition. For more information, see Select Graphic Preparation Rule Dialog Box.

Graphic preparation rules are delivered in the [Reference Data Folder]\SharedContent\Drawings\Catalog\Rules\WrapperReplacementRules folder.

For examples on adding graphic preparation rules to view styles, see Create a View Style with Single Line Pipes and Create a View Style with Resymbolized Normal Pipes.

Graphic preparation rules use custom graphic modules to define the display parameters. For more information, see Custom Graphic Modules.

The following graphic preparation rules do not use custom graphic modules:

  • Civil Isometric

  • Civil Key Plan

  • Electrical CableTray Isometric

  • Electrical CableTray Key Plan

  • Electrical Equipment Isometric

  • Electrical Equipment Plan

  • Electrical Instrument Plan

  • Electrical Lighting Plan

  • Equipment Isometric

  • Equipment Key Plan

  • HVAC Key Plan

  • Instrument Isometric

  • Instrument Key Plan

  • Instrument Plan

  • Piping Isometric Key

  • Piping Isometric

  • Piping Key Plan

  • Piping Plan

  • Structural Framing Isometric

  • Structural Framing Key Plan