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The Sample Custom Revision Properties for Bulkload.xls workbook provides an example format for adding custom revision attributes. This workbook is available on the customer support web site.

The left-most column (column A) of the sheet specifies the bulkload action taken with regard to the row. For example, an A in the column indicates the drawing volume part class is being added; the letter D specifies the class is deleted; the letter M indicates the class is modified. A ! symbol specifies that the row is ignored during bulkloading.

CustomInterfaces Sheet

This sheet defines the custom attribute.


Specifies the name of the custom interface you are using to implement the custom attributes against the DwgPropertyObject class. For more information, see the Programmer's Guide.


Not used at this time.


Identifies the programmatic name of the attribute.


Identifies the user name for the attribute.

The AttributeUserName must be unique for each user name entry. For example, Custom Long cannot be used because it is a delivered AttributeUserName value.


Specifies the type of attribute. For example, char for character.


Specifies the unit type for the attribute.


Identifies the primary unit for the attribute


Specifies the name of the table that contains the codelisted values for this attribute. If the cell is empty, the codelist is Null and ignored by the software.


Specifies whether this attribute is displayed by the attribute control. Value is True if the attribute is displayed on a control and False if not.


Identifies the table name space for the codelist if needed.


Specifies whether the attribute can be modified by the attribute control. Value is True if the attribute can be modified and False if not.


Identifies the symbol parameter used for the attribute if needed.

CustomClassInterfaceList Sheet

This sheet maps the custom attribute interface to the appropriate class.


Identifies the class name for the attribute interface.


Specifies the interface name mapped to the class name. The InterfaceName should match with the specified name on the CustomInterfaces sheet.

  • For more information on reference data workbooks, refer to the Reference Data Guide.

  • All files must be located in the SharedContent folder for bulkloading to be successful.

  • For information on creating custom drawing properties for use in drawings, see Place a Custom Drawing Property Label on a Template in the Orthographic Drawings User's Guide.