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Intergraph Smart 3D
Reference Data
12.1 (2019)

Description: Hilti Connector MIC-90-L
Symbol Name: HS_Hilti_MIParts.MIC_90_L
Workbook: HS_Hilti_MIParts.xls
Workbook Sheet: MI_Cantiliver
User Class Name: Hilti Cantiliver
Part Number: Hilti MIC-90-L
Inputs, Outputs, and Aspects:

ProgID: HS_Hilti_MIParts.MIC_90_L
Output name 1 = "StructureInt"
Output name 2 = "StructureExt"
Output name 3 = "Plate"
Output name 4 = "girderATT"
Input name(2) = "PlateThick"
Input name(3) = "ItemNo"
Input name(4) = "Finish"
Input name(5) = "Group"
Input name(6) = "NozzelLength"
Input name(7) = "NozzelWidth"
Input name(8) = "NozzelDepth"
Input name(9) = "PlateDepth"
Input name(10) = "PlateWidth"
Input name(11) = "PortOffset"