Attaching Reference Data to the Project - PDS - Installation

Plant Design System (PDS) Project Setup Technical Reference

Installation & Upgrade

After you have successfully created a new project, you must attach and initialize the PDS 3D reference data. The PDS 3D reference data is extensive, and a detailed description of it can be found in the Reference Data Manager (PD_Data) Reference Guide.

PDS 3D reference data for both the Piping and Equipment modules comes delivered in the following formats:

  • Look-up data stored in a database

  • Look-up data stored in indexed files (also called libraries)

Data is stored in both indexed files and databases because in certain instances it is faster to read the information from an indexed file than from a database.

Both the Piping and Equipment modules support the use of approved and unapproved reference data. If a project has both approved and unapproved reference data defined, the software will use the approved versions by default. The RDB revision commands (for example, the spec writing commands) use the unapproved versions by default.