Copying a Set of Users to Another Project - PDS - Installation

Plant Design System (PDS) Project Setup Technical Reference

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A feature introduced in PDS 06.00 is the ability to report on the set of users for one project, and use this report as a means of copying those users and privileges to another project.

To start this process, enter the PDS Access Control Manager as the System user. Click the project having the access controls in place, and then click Create Report at the lower right corner of the Access Control Manager form. Click to create a report named access.rpt stored in the project directory for that project.

To copy these users and privileges to another project, enable access control for that project. Copy the access.rpt file from the source project to the destination project, and then run Load User Definition to create the users in the destination project. The PDS_access file is created in the destination project. It has the same user names and privileges as the source project.