3D Design Data and the Database - PDS - Installation

Plant Design System (PDS) Project Setup Technical Reference

Installation & Upgrade

When working in PD_Design, information about piping segments and components is written into the DD schema tables associated with that model at the time these items are placed in the model. The Database Verification Manager operation verifies that the graphics and the database are in agreement.

When working in PD_EQP, information about equipment and nozzles is not written into the database at the time the information is placed. This information is not normally required, but information from the equipment models can be loaded to the DD schema for users' reporting purposes using the Load Design Database function in the Equipment Modeling Options main menu. PDS does not use the Equipment data in the DD schema. Instead, the data is read from the user data attached to the MicroStation graphic elements.

It is important to understand that the intelligence associated with equipment models is stored in the design file, but this is not the case for piping models. If the contents of the DD schema are lost the piping models will lose their intelligence. Because of this, it is important that backups of the database be made using PDS Archival or some other method.