Automatically load an Auxiliary Coordinate System within a model - PDS - Installation

Plant Design System (PDS) Project Setup Technical Reference

Installation & Upgrade

To load a Macro in Microstation by default, complete the following steps:

  • Find the MDL called and place it in the .../mdlsys/asneeded/ folder.

  • While in a FWP PDS model define the variable: "MS_DGNAPPS = runmacro" under WORKSPACE>CONFIGURATION

  • While in a FWP PDS model define the variable: "MS_DGNMACROS=Unit1ACS.bas" This is the name of the Macro we created above.

Now every time you enter a model your Macro will load.

This example is very basic and provides the user with the ability to load a single ACS base on a yes or no button response. It is possible to create a dialog box with a list of Auxiliary Coordinate systems from which to choose. See the MicroStation Help file "BASIC Editor" for some information on this topic.

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