My Computer versus Network Printer Server - PDS - Installation

Plant Design System (PDS) Project Setup Technical Reference

Installation & Upgrade

Windows printers are created using the Add Printer wizard in the Printers folder. There are two choices available, My Computer and Network. Printers created using My Computer are called created printers and those created using Network are called connected printers. It is extremely important to understand the difference. If you encounter plotting problems and call Intergraph support, this is one of the first questions you'll be asked.

A node with a created printer has everything required to communicate directly with the printer loaded locally, no other node is required to accomplish the connection. A node with a connected printer only has a pointer to a printer that was created and shared on another node.

A connected printer is a property of the user you are logged in as at the time the connection was made. If you log off and back on as a different user, the printer connections made by the previous user are not known. A created printer is known to all users on a node, that is to say it is the property of the node and not the user.

The account mapping specified in Batch Manager will depend on whether or not you use connected or created printers. If you are doing batch plots through PDS and are using connected printers, each user must be mapped to their own login (PDS\john = PDS\john) because the connected printer is a property of the current user.

If you are doing batch plots through PDS and are using created printers, user can map to a generic user (PDS\* = PDS\pdsbatch). This is acceptable since the created printer is a property of the computer, and therefore known to all users of that computer.

If you do not do batch plots through PDS but submit plots directly using the I/Plot dialog box, then the generic mapping as described for created printers can be used.