Use of My Computer - PDS - Installation

Plant Design System (PDS) Project Setup Technical Reference

Installation & Upgrade

The My Computer option creates a printer that can be shared so that other nodes may connect to it. The use of My Computer requires that I/PLOT client, I/PLOT server, and the printer driver be loaded on the local node.

  1. Click Start > Settings > Printers.

  2. Double-click Add Printers.

  3. Select My Computer then click Next.

  4. Enter a name, and select the correct driver from the list. As an example, an HP LaserJet 4MV, is connected directly to the network. To communicate with this particular printer, the DLC protocol must first be loaded from Control Panel > Network.

    Do not use spaces in printer names. For example, use hplaser instead of HP LaserJet. PDS supports up to 14 characters in the printer name.

  5. Select the appropriate driver from the list (in this example, the HP LaserJet 4MV), and type a description. This description will be visible from Printer > Properties. If it is shared, this description will be visible when others try to connect to this printer.

  6. Click the Print to port. If the printer is directly connected to the node, you would click the corresponding local port (COM1, LPT1, and so on). If it is a network printer, you would click Other and then the network type (Hewlett-Packard Network Port in this example). For the HP network printer, a MAC address would be chosen from the list, and other printer-specific options could be set before proceeding.

  7. Choose whether or not to Share This Printer on Network. If you are sharing the printer, type a share name, and optionally type a description.

    At this point the printer configuration is complete. The printer is visible from the Printers folder. You should test the printer connection by printing to it from a text editor or by plotting to it from I/Plot.

    For plotters connected directly into the network or to a Windows system, the Form setting should be examined and changed from its default value to match the true size of the paper used in the plotter.