Create/Revise Model Propagation Schedule - PDS - Installation

Plant Design System (PDS) Project Setup Technical Reference

Installation & Upgrade

These options are used to create or revise a schedule for running batch model propagation on a periodic basis. You can establish multiple scheduled jobs for each project.

Shell Script - The Shell Script field is filled in automatically using the convention fwprop_<archival_index_no>.

Number - Type up to 24 alphanumeric characters for the name of the model propagation schedule.

Description - Type up to 40 alphanumeric characters for the description of the model propagation schedule.

File Specification and Path - Type the file name and directory path for the Model Propagation Data file. This file defines the time of day for the propagation, the frequency of the propagation, and the settings for the propagation.

  1. Select the Create or Revise option from the Scheduled Model Propagation form.

    For the Revise option, a list of all scheduled propagation batch jobs for the active project is displayed.

  2. Select the schedule to be revised; then click Confirm.

    The Scheduled Model Propagation Creation/Revision form is displayed showing the information about the selected scheduled propagation batch job.

  3. Type the following information to define a Propagation schedule for the active project.

    File Specification

  4. Click Confirm to accept the specified information.

    A form is displayed to define the schedule frequency and time.

  5. Select the frequency of the propagation batch job: Daily, Weekly, or Monthly.

    A set of fields is displayed to type the day and time.

  6. Select the day of the week/month, and set the time of day (hours and minutes) for the propagation batch job. Then click Confirm.

    A form is displayed to define the Propagation options.

  7. Select the appropriate Model Propagation options. Refer to Propagation for information on these options.

  8. Click Confirm.

    A set of Model Propagation Command files is created. The file specification for the script is formed automatically as follows: fwprop_<archival_index_no>

If the time of the scheduled propagation is changed, a new at entry is created and the old entry must be deleted.