Use of Network Printer Server - PDS - Installation

Plant Design System (PDS) Project Setup Technical Reference

Installation & Upgrade

When connecting to a shared network printer, the Network Printer Server option creates a printer connection that is usable only by the active user. In this configuration, only I/PLOT client is require on the machine.

Connecting to a Printer Shared from a Windows Node

  1. Click Start > Settings > Printers.

  2. Double-click Add Printers.

  3. Select Network printer server, then click Next.

  4. If Expand by Default is turned on, the system will go out and look for shared printers. If you have multiple domains on your LAN, you may have to browse to find the domain and node. After the node has been located, double-click it to show the shared printers on that node.

  5. Click the shared printer you want to use, and click OK to establish a connection to that printer. Note that the printer name appears in Print Manager as \\nodename\printer.

    Do not use spaces in printer names. For example, use hplaser instead of HP LaserJet. PDS supports up to 14 characters in the printer name.

  6. If you have more than one printer defined for your computer, you are prompted if you want to make the new printer your default printer.

  7. Test the printer connection by printing/plotting to it.