The queue_descript File - PDS - Installation

Plant Design System (PDS) Project Setup Technical Reference

Installation & Upgrade

The queue_descript file is created in the project directory when the project is created. It is used by PDS 3D to display the list of available queues for printing/plotting as well as those available for running hidden lines and isometric extractions. It is used while working interactively as well as by batch jobs spawned by PDS 3D. The options included in the queue_descript file are:

Pdprint - Used by all PDS 3D software for interactive/batch printing of reports and plotting.

Pddraw_plot - Used by the batch queues Pdplot and Pdplot_model to plot the drawing or piping model selected.

Pdhline - Used to select the queue/node for the processing of the vector hidden line renderings.

Pdifc_plot - Used by the batch queue Pdclash_server to plot interference clashes.

Pdiso_plot - Used by the queue Pdiso_batch for automatic plotting of isometrics, or used by the interactive Iso software to plot isometric extractions.

Pdiso_batch - Used to select the queue/node for the processing of batch isometric extractions.