Symbol failed. Method <content method> in <symbol ProgID> threw the following error: <exception> - Intergraph Smart 3D - Administration

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Meaning: This message indicates a failure in the symbol content where the outputs or shape could not be created. The exception provides the type of failure; and, the method and ProgID (“assembly name, class name” for a .net component) indicate where the failure occurred.

Recovery: In many instances, changing the inputs will resolve these types of issues, but there is no indication as to what input caused this failure without the assistance of the content developer. Notify your administrator for these types of errors, and include the Smart 3D error log which could be helpful in diagnosing the problem. For more information, see Troubleshooting the Software in the Installation Guide.

  • All of these types of messages are errors, and the symbol outputs and shape will not be updated.

  • An example if this type of error: “Symbol failed. Method “EvaluateAssembly” in “EquipVessels,MyVessel” threw the following error: “Invalid cast exception>.” Please contact your admin. Indicating a failure in the method EvaluateAssembly for class MyVessel within the assembly EquipVessels.