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Intergraph Smart 3D Troubleshooting Reference

Intergraph Smart 3D
Administration & Configuration

Hangers & Supports: Support Information Rule is not properly defined.

  • Meaning: There may be an error in the assembly information rule (AIR) for this standard support or in the reference data. This situation often occurs if the joints defined in the AIR fail.

  • Recovery: Place another support, or modify the current one. You can try placing a designed support. In addition, check the hangers and supports rules and reference data. You may need to change how the joints are defined in your AIR.

Hangers & Supports: The supporting structure is not appropriate for this support. Please choose a support with a different connection type to 'supporting'.

  • Meaning: The selected supporting structure is not compatible with the Assembly definition based on FaceSelectionType and StrictFaceSelection attribute values and available faces of the supporting structure.

  • Recovery: You should select a different supporting structure, or you can modify the FaceSelectionType or StrictFaceSelection attributes of the selected supporting structure so that it is compatible.

Hangers & Supports: Unable to assemble the selected support.

  • Meaning: This error message appears when the software has a problem forming the joints that connect the parts of a support. This message can appear when you place a support or when you modify a support. For example, the support may be suitable only for certain configurations like pipe above or below the structure, or may be only applicable for the Place Support by Structure or Place Support by Point commands. If you attempt to place a support that does not work within the restrictions of the specific instance, then the software is not able to assemble the support.

  • Recovery: You can place another support, or modify the current support. When the Rule box on the ribbon is selected, the software provides a list of applicable supports for the specific situation. If you decide not to use the delivered rule, then you need to know the configuration for the support. If the support is user-defined, you may need to change how the joints are defined in your assembly information rule (AIR).

Hangers & Supports: Unable to create part object for selected support.

  • Meaning: Some of the parts required for the assembly are missing from the catalog.

  • Recovery: Check the part definition spreadsheets involved in the assembly. Add any missing part definitions.

Hangers & Supports: Unable to find a face from supporting structure.

  • Meaning: The structure reference for the support is either deleted or its cross- section has been modified in such a way that it is no longer compatible for the given support assembly definition.

  • Recovery: Select a new structure reference.

Hangers & Supports: Unable to get part for selected support.

  • Meaning: The GetAssemblyCatalogParts() method in the Assembly Information Rule failed or it did not return any parts.

  • Recovery: Check and debug the code for the GetAssemblyCatalogParts() method in the Assembly Information Rule.