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2019 (10.0)

You can use the Save As command to assign dimension units and export the drawings to MicroStation or AutoCAD format. The following flowchart shows how the Save As command controls dimensioning during export.

Save As Command

The Save As command is available from the shortcut menu for any document or node containing documents in the Console. For orthographic drawings, the Save As command supports exporting to DGN, DWG, and DXF formats, as well as the native SHA formats. For more information, see Save As Command in the Drawings Help.

For Isogen Isometric Drawings, a file is created for each sheet in the drawing with [drawing name]_[sheet name] as the filename. For example, if the drawing My_Pipeline contains Sheet1 and Sheet2, two files will be saved with the names My_Pipeline_Sheet1 and My_Pipeline_Sheet2.

Embedded Object Dimensioning

The model graphics in the drawings are embedded in the drawing file. The dimensions in the drawings are connected directly to the embedded objects.

During export to MicroStation or AutoCAD formats using Save As, the software opens the drawings in SmartSketch Drawing Editor and the relationship between the embedded objects and the dimensions is broken. The dimension, however, is not removed and still maintains its original value.

Document Properties

Dimensions in drawings exported to the DGN, DWG, and DXF formats do not use the active dimension formatting for their units. Instead, the software determines dimension units from the document properties for the drawing being exported. This behavior applies whether the drawings is a volume, by query, or composed drawing type. You can view and edit the document units by opening the drawing in SmartSketch Drawing Editor and selecting File > Properties. You can see the current unit settings on the Units tab.

We recommend that border templates have identical units and precision values in the document properties set in the active dimension style. This maintains dimension unit accuracy if you export the drawing to a foreign file format.

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