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Creates a detail view for an existing drawing view. Detail views are more than enlargements of the main drawing view. They often contain additional graphical information that is not visible in the main drawing view, such as weld or chalk information. You specify the detail view by drawing a circle, polygon, or rectangle around part of the main drawing view. The shape created is called the detail envelope. The Place Detail Envelope command is only available in SmartSketch Drawing Editor when you create or edit a Composed drawing or Drawing by Rule. For example, the following graphic shows the main drawing view and a detail view:

When you select an existing detail envelope, it highlights within the drawing view and the Edit ribbon displays so you can make modifications to the selected detail envelope. To place a detail envelope, select a drawing view and click Place Detail Envelope .


Detail envelopes use callouts, or labels, that match the caption for the associated detail view. By default, the command places callouts in a fixed position on the main drawing view when you place the detail envelope. You can click-and-drag the callout to a new position, if necessary.

Callouts do not highlight when you select the detail envelope. You select callouts separate from the detail envelope.


Handles help you change the shape and placement of the detail envelopes. Circle detail envelopes have two handles, a center point and an edge handle. The center point handle allows you to move the circle, while the edge handle allows you to change the size and shape of the circle. Polygon and rectangle shapes have handles at each vertex and along the sides. You can use the handles to move and change the shape of the polygon and rectangle envelopes.

After you modify a detail envelope, click Finish to save the changes.

Delete Behavior

To delete a detail envelope, select it and press Delete. Deleting the detail envelope does not affect the drawing view. However, if there is an associated detail view, a message displays, asking if you want to convert the detail view to a normal drawing view or delete it with the detail envelope.

You can place detail envelopes inside section views and detail views.

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